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The Hung Bovitia is a plant belonging to the Melastomataceaemaa. There is a three type of Bovitiya. That is, Bovitiya, Rang Bovitia, Great Bovastia. This three type is medicinal properties. The Sinhalese name is Kuruyana. It is a shrub plant, a green plant is three lines as three stripes. There are five slices of flowers and is the light rose and purple. Plants occur in bones and roots. The wet zone is common in the wet zone. The ring bondia call is grant by araddel rather than cholesterol. If a patient is a patient, the constantly hanging the boring porridge. Borceterol patients can be well-cured by the Biwitiya porridge twice. Bovitia has the quality of removing the harmful oil in the division. It is very good to bring the dangle to the weak of the liver bowitian. It grows cells. It is best to drink a day except a day. It is also very good to bring the bowitian porridden to yellow fever. This drug is able to control diabetic patients and the sugar. Diabetic patients is also very much better. Hing Bovithi also owns the ability to restore the liver characteristics due to unfavorable chemicals, agnous food and dirty water. It also has the quality of cool, control the body of the body. This can be discovered like herbal milk. All these are very much better than the roots of the ring bowwitty leaves, bark, bark, bark. Drinks are very fortunate to Earmatics. But drinking three times a week not daily (without one) drink. Should be treated .- Drinking leafy claimed that your youth looks like 40-year-old is the appearance of 30 years. The forty bed is controlled by the occurrence of illness. Food is well digesting, physical strength, mental good abandoned. Not only the ring bowow, but any closest call has that quality. It should be remembered to add a little bit of salt without the powder of any porridge.


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